The records of Winfield Baird

Recently, the Clan Baird Society received the genealogical life work of Capt R.S. Baird. The works spans a fifty year period and includes all of the notes. This is invaluable for clan history and the society. Below is a an account of all of the items in the box.

Gartsherrie folder
A private printing of the book Baird of Gartsherrie (1875) in a red binder.
-This appears to be photostatic copy. No date given when this was reprinted.-
The Name and Family of Baird printed by Roots Research Bureau, Ltd. (1984)
-Contains a list of Bairds that immigrated to the United States including bibliography in the same red folder-

Black Folder ( No Name)
Xerox hand written descendants of Thomas Baird and Helen Muirhead
Xerox hand written descendants of James Baird and Mary Frosart(?)
Xerox hand written descendants of William Baird and Janet Forrest
Xerox of Baird of Auchmedden and their descendants with handwritten notes of wives and children
Partial letter from R.S. Baird on books researched on Nova Scotian and Canadian Bairds
Death Record from City of New York for Elizabeth Baird died 1863
Death Record from City of New York for David Baird died 1860
Letter from Saint John Branch New Brunswick Genealogical Society (1984)
-contains a list of Bairds in New Brunswick in in the earl 1800’s and contains handwritten notes in three colors on the back-
Census Saint John Census of 1851
Probate Files
Letter from Waterside Farm on Bairds who immigrated to New Brunswick
-Handwritten notes attempting to show descent from the Bairds of Auchmedden-
Letter to Sarah Thorne R S Baird asking to investigate a link between the Bairds of Auchmedden and the New Brunswick Bairds
Letter to RS Baird acknowledging receipt of the letter
Cemetery records on the Property of Otis Bostwick, Wickham, NB containing Baird graves
Letter to R S Baird detailing the areas searched
-Not a lot of success but she sent word of the Earl of Kintore.-
Letter to Sarah Thorne regarding thoughts
Letter to Sarah Thorne regarding thoughts on research
28 letters of correspondence regarding the search for Bairds in NB.

Fermaine Folder
Copy of the Baird and Beard Familes of Fermie Baird Catchings

Grey Folder
Copy of Bairds in the North of Scotland by Niall Baird (Palmers Cross, 1990)
-contains a bio of the famous Baird families and the Armorial bearing for each. Includes photos and armorial bearings for 5 Baird familes.-
Copy of Scots Magazine on William Baird o Auchmedden
Copy of the Book The Bairds of Auchmedden and Strichen
Copy of Civil War Times Illustrated with and Artivle on Major General Absalom Baird
Copy of Genealogical Collections concerning the Sirname of Baird

Red Seilhamer Folder
Copy of The Bard Family

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